Do Clopay, Amarr and Wayne Dalton garage doors, use the same springs?

There are 2 different types of garage door springs

Torsion springs: (Torsion springs are tubular and attach to metal pole above door opening) Extension springs: (Extension springs are found on sides of door or run along sides on top of track. Solid one piece doors have springs attached to the hinges on either side of garage door. Now when it comes to Wayne Dalton garage doors they usually use their own torsion spring system that they have engineered just for their products. This is called a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster spring system. Extension type: springs can be used with any of these manufacturers garage doors. Amarr and Copay pretty much just use your conventional torsion spring systems. Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster spring is a long 16 ft. spring contained inside a tube with a gearbox on either side of tube. This allows you to wind the spring with a simple socket. These springs are very sensitive and overwinding them will make them break very prematurely. These types of springs do not have as many cycles as standard torsion springs and do not have that much strength.

replacing your torquemaster spring

If you insist on replacing your torquemaster spring with a new torquemaster spring than be ready to open up the wallet a bit more than usual. They cost considerably more than normal torsion spring assemblies. It is just as easy to convert to a normal torsion spring assembly. And will cost less. Every time I encounter one of these springs in the past I just give the homeowner the difference in price. I have never had a customer insist on a Torquemaster replacement. The torquemaster spring system will cost around 300 to 350 and to convert a torquemaster spring system over to a conventional torsion spring system it cost about 100 to 200 dollars to convert. Also if you have a Wayne Dalton garage door and you also have a Wayne Dalton garage door opener called the iDrive and this type of opener is integrated with the torquemaster spring system. This means that if you convert your Wayne Dalton garage door spring system over to a conventional torsion spring system then you will probably have to replace your opener also which would not be a bad idea to switch over to a conventional garage door opener because the iDrive opener system that Wayne Dalton designed has many problems and I think they even have taking it off the market. When I come across Wayne Dalton garage doors and openers I usually tell the customer that the only thing I can do is to convert to conventional spring systems and replace the garage door openers if they have an iDrive opener otherwise  I just walked away from the job because it’s just not worth it. Their products are way too expensive to replace and they don’t last as long