Why is my garage door making a loud noise every time i use it?

Q: Why is my garage door making a loud noise every time i use it?

A: Loud noises when a garage door is being operated can be either be the door itself or the door opener. You have to figure out where your noise is coming from. This can be easily done by disconnecting the opener from the door and operating door manually without using opener. If the door still makes the same loud noises than it is problem with the door. If there is no loud noises than you have to look to the opener.

If you have determined the problem is with your door then here are some common issues to look into. Rumbling sounds as door goes up is most likely the torsion springs need to be lubed with a silicone based spray lube. (Torsion springs are tubular and attached to torsion pole that runs along entire door and located above door opening or at the back of the door next to the opener if you have one.) This will eliminate rumbling noise as door goes up and down. Popping noises are usually caused by door sections not meeting together properly. This can be caused by damage to 1 or more sections or that there is a loose or broken hinge. Squeaking noises are common and usually come with age of door. Grinding metal noises can mean the door is dragging against door track when moving up or down.

If you have determined that the problem is with the opener then here are a few common problems. Grinding noises can mean your opener may have internal problems like a motor on its way out. Also sometimes screw drive openers have a trolley that is made of plastic teeth that run along screw on opener rail. When the plastic teeth start to deteriorate it makes a loud grinding noise. Grinding noise can also be an internal gear or sprocket is falling apart.

Properly lubricating garage door and opener will sometimes solve most of these problems. If it seems to be internal grinding noises than you will have to call a technician to properly repair opener.

Genie brand openers that has a screw drive (Screw drive: openers that uses a long screw that turns back and forth moving door) These openers are notorious for being loud as they age. If a good lube application to the screw will usually quiet down opener.

When you have an internal malfunction in your opener never try to take off cover and fix it yourself. You have to have specific knowledge of internal parts. Also you can void any kind of warranty you may have. Can’t even count how many times i have shown up to a service call and the cover is off and homeowner has tried to investigate problem on their own and warranty

company would not cover repairs or replacement and homeowner had to pay full price for repairs.