Which is a better garage door brand: Windsor, C.H.I or Mid America?

Ok, lets start with Windsor garage doors or officially known as Windsor Republic garage doors. Windsor garage door manufacturing plant is located in Little Rock Arkansas they have been engineering and manufacturing garage doors in the United States for about 50 years so they have been around for a relatively long amount Of time as far as garage door manufacturers go.  Windsor Republic manufactures a limited range of residential and commercial garage doors.  They do not manufacture a wide range of custom garage doors like carriage house style garage doors made of wood but they do make a mock looking carriage house door out of metal like most garage door manufacturers. I have installed Windsor garage doors for my customers in the past and never have seem to have any major problems with them or any return warranty work they are pretty much as good as any other garage door manufacturer in the United States that I have found.  As long as you use a decent hardware package for these garage doors you should not have any major problems with them what I mean is having the hinges of decent quality and rollers with at least 20,000 cycles and everything else like the track system should be the same as any other garage doors they are well built and Copper Bowl to most other manufacturers and also they are very affordable when a customer wants to just replace a garage door with the most inexpensive as possible door they can get then I would usually always go to a Windsor Republic door because of their affordability.

Mid America garage doors vs Windsor Republic garage doors

Ok, now as far as Mid America garage doors are pretty much equal to the Windsor Republic garage doors in affordability, construction and reliability. Mid America garage door manufacturers were founded in 1991 in Ponca City Oklahoma. Again like the Windsor Republic garage doors I have installed many Mid America brand dry storage for my customers and for the customers of garage door companies that I have worked for in the past. Again I have never had a problem with reliability or any kind of warranty calls on a mid America garage door and they have been pretty reliable and my customers have always been satisfied so this is a brand that I would also recommend. As far as affordability they are pretty much neck and neck with Windsor Republic garage doors and a few other manufacturers that make the exact same type of doors as Mid-America so they are pretty even in price, construction, warranty, and reliability. Again if affordability is a major factor in your decision for a new garage door Mid America would be a good choice. Mid America will always include a decent hardware package with pretty rugged hardware standard in their hardware boxes so you really can’t go wrong.

C.H.I. garage door brand

Now C.H.I. garage door brand is a little bit more expansive in their product line they manufacture more custom style doors then Mid America and Windsor Republic brand garage doors. They definitely keep up with modern trends for designs of their garage door line. A manufacturer a more wide array of styles and construction then the other two garage door companies that we are talking about and they are of course a little bit more expensive then Mid America and Windsor Republic garage door brands. In the past I would not use a C.H. I. door for one of my customers unless they specifically requested a C.H.I. brand Garage door because of the affordability so all in all C.H .I .brand garage door would have to be the more desired brand to go with as long as price was not an issue.