What should I do if I want my garage door to be stronger?

there are two different things that can give your garage door more strength and rigidity. The first are reinforcement struts that run all the way along the garage door panels usually found at the top of the garage door where the opener arm is connected to insure that the opener does not damage the top section when it is pulling on the top section to open and close the door. The other way to make a garage door stronger is to use Thicker gauge hardware on the garage door this way when it is moving up and down the hinges and other brackets do not deteriorate that quick because they are made of a thicker gauge steel. If your garage door is less than 16 feet wide then you will only need a strut on the top panel for the garage door opener.

16 feet garage door

If your garage door is wider than 16 feet then they will usually have a strut or sometimes even two struts per panel so that when the door is in the up position it does not bend. So if you wanted to make your garage door stronger the best way to do that would be to put a strut on each panel of your garage door. And if you wanted to overkill it then you could put two struts per panel on your garage door. But you have to remember that when you were adding that much weight to the garage door you are going to have some torsion spring issues. When you add weight to the door you must add spring Tension. Sometimes you might need to use a totally different spring size To compensate for the extra weight. Also if you have a hollow non-insulated steel garage door then they usually come in two different Sheet metal gauge thickness and that is 24 gauge and 25 gauge. The 24 gauge sheet-metal garage door is going to be a little bit sturdier and thicker than the 25 gauge Door. Most people when they replace their garage door or install a new one in a brand-new house they will use a 24 gauge because it is that much thicker And stronger.

25 gauge garage door

The 25 gauge garage doors are typically found on track homes when a builder is building a mass amount of homes and just needs a standard garage door usually because of budget and cost. The difference in cost in the two different gauge garage doors is usually about $25-$30 difference. If a homebuilder is building 50-100 homes they would save that much per door if they went with a 25 gauge door instead of a 24 gauge door. I think that overhead door brand garage doors even made a 26 gauge steel garage door years ago but I think they discontinued this model because the metal was so thin that the door would only last about five years. If you have one of these garage doors you will usually find the overhead door sticker or even on the hinges themselves will have overhead door stamped on them this is how you would know you would have one of these garage doors. You should probably replace it if at all possible.