What kind of maintenance can I do myself on my one piece garage door to make sure that it is always working properly?

One piece solid garage doors tend to have a lot less maintenance to deal with than a conventional sectional roll up garage door first because there is a lot less moving parts on a one piece garage door if you think about it it’s really just the door itself two hinges one on each side of the door and springs for each hinge and that’s about it. First thing you need to inspect on at least a yearly basis are the tie rods that keep a wood door from bending and warping you will find these rods on the very top and very bottom of the garage door on each end of the rod there should be a nut that you can turn with a wrench to tighten the rod if there if they are loose and you would want to tighten them up pretty snug do not tighten them too much because they can either rip out of the door or if you tighten them down too much then it will make the door bow inward at the corners too much and that is not a good idea either just make sure they are nice and snug.

check the bracket

Also you should check the bracket that is usually screwed into the very top of the garage door or on the back of the garage door near the top middle and the opener bracket is what attaches the arm from the opener to the door and sometimes the bracket that is attached to the door can start to come loose so always make sure that it is also very snug if it is just screwed into the wood with wood screws then you should make sure they are not stripped out and if they are you might want to just drill a hole all the way through the wood and use some kind of threw bolts that go all the way through the wood and use a nut and washer to attach to the garage door this will ensure maximum strength. Now as far as the only moving parts on a one piece garage door hinges and springs you should always inspect your hinges probably two to three times a year and you should also lube them at least that much and lubrication of the springs and hinges is necessary for continued functionality you should just use a spray lube and spray the moving parts of the door hinges there are several spots also this spring can be lubed if they are noisy but it is not absolutely necessary.

you might need to either replace the springs

The other most common malfunction on one piece garage door hinges is the bearing that is attached to the hinge usually it’s on the plate that said hinge is built around this plate is usually square in shape and is where it is screwed into the wall and on this place is a big bearing that all the bars around there is usually only one or two but they do tend to wear out and when they do you can usually see rubbing of the metal around the area where the bearing is and they can easily fall apart and the whole hinge can do so also and sometimes you can see daylight through that bearing that means it is starting to go or has gone too far and you would probably have to replace the hinge at that point. As far as the springs go they are extension springs so when they are getting old they get stretched out and you can tell this bye slack in the chain that is attached to the bottom of the extension spring and this you can only determine when the door is in the fully up position so if the door is all the way up and you see slack in that chain then you might need to either replace the springs if they are old because they have just gotten stretched out or the screw that screws into the wall at the very bottom of the garage door may be coming loose it should be pretty snug and tight to the wood.

solid one piece garage door that is made of steel

If your solid one piece garage door is made of steel and looks exactly like a sectional roll up garage door then you will probably have less door deterioration issues and you would with a solid wood one piece door because they are not as sensitive to the elements especially moisture. These types of one piece garage doors should also have a strut system on the top and bottom edges of the garage door but they should be the kind of strut you would find on a Sectional door not the kind you would find on a wooden one piece door. You just need to concentrate on the hinges and springs on a steel one piece garage door and follow the instructions I listed above and you should be ok. Another option is to have a garage door company come out and look at your garage door and maybe give you a tune up and a spring change to make sure everything is functioning properly to give you better peace of mind.