What is the typical cost to replace a garage door spring?

There are several different types of garage door springs (Springs are used on a garage door to assist opening or closing). You have torsion, extension and Wayne Dalton brand garage doors use a kind of torsion spring called a Torquemaster.

First you have to see what kind of springs your door use and how many springs your door has. The heavier the door the more spring you will have. And the more it will cost. If you just have one torsion spring and a basic steel garage door than your cost should be 100-200 dollars depending where in the U.S. you live. If you have 2 springs on the same kind of door then add about 50 dollars to replace both springs. More than 2 springs than you have a very heavy custom garage door. These doors require the technician to unwind and remove all four springs so cost will be double around 200-400 dollars. Now some wood doors have only two springs but they can be very big and can cost 200-400 dollars also.

On solid one piece garage doors the springs will be extension type springs

Replacing extension springs is a bit easier than torsion springs. This should cost about 150-250 dollars depending on the size of springs the door requires. Some sectional roll up garage doors can have extension spring set up instead of the more common torsion spring. These springs are easy to install and less expensive. You should spend around 100-200 dollars. Now on the Wayne Dalton Torquemaster garage door you have a different kind of torsion spring. The spring is not visible because the spring is inside a tube and has adjustment gears on left and right hand side of tube.

Wayne Dalton charges about 300 dollars wholesale for the spring

These are a bit more expensive because Wayne Dalton charges about 300 dollars wholesale for the spring. So look to spend around 400-500 dollars. It is cheaper to convert these Torquemaster springs with a normal torsion springs set up. This should cost around 250 dollars.

When I have worked for home warranty companies their policies will not cover residential high end custom garage doors that require commercial grade spring assemblies because they weigh so much. So if you have a door like this then don’t be surprised if they deny coverage.

Anytime you have a broken spring of any kind than I always advise homeowner to replace all springs. This will keep you from calling technician back a month later to replace other spring.

This always cost more. If you just have a basic metal garage door and a company quotes you more than 300 dollars than call someone else.