What is the cost of replacing my garage door opener safety sensors?

Safety sensors: sensors located at the bottom corners of door that keep door from closing when door opening is obstructed.) Safety sensors have 2 sensors pointed at each other. One is a transmitting sensor the other is a receiving sensor. Usually each sensor has different color LED lights one green and one red. These LED lights indicate if sensor is working properly.

sensor has broken or stopped working

When one sensor has broken or stopped working and the other is still ok, you can just replace the sensor that has stopped working. Now sensors are sold to garage door companies in pairs. They don’t sell them individually. So replacing both sensors is the best way to go. When sensors LED lights blink they are letting you know something is wrong. I have found on Genie brand openers that don’t assume the sensor that is blinking is the one that has malfunction. I have replaced just the one sensor that was blinking and found the bad sensor was the other one.

Always replace both sensors

Always replace both sensors because it eliminates having a malfunction with a sensor that you did not replace. And since they are sold as a pair it just makes more sense. Replacing sensors is an easy process and should only take 20 to 30 minutes in most cases. As far as cost to replace safety sensors they should range from 152 $200 including parts and labor. And $200 would be the maximum you should pay to replace your safety sensors anymore than that then you are probably getting ripped off. Especially since a new garage door opener unit installed is anywhere from $250-$350. You can also possibly find the correct sensors for your garage door opener online at eBay or Other retail sales type websites. When it comes to replacing safety sensors you will never know which one is bad because even though one has an LED that doesn’t work it might not be the bad sensor it most possibly could be the other sensor. And a good way to protect your safety sensors from getting damaged is to always clear the area around the sensors from shovels brooms and other storage items in your garage. And also some companies do manufacture sensor guards which are a metal guard that bolts to the garage door track and Proect the sensor from getting hit, kicked ran into buy a bike or an automobile. Most of the time when I replace garage door openers and the sensors on the old opener are still good I will save them for a customer that may not be able to afford brand-new sensors just so I can fix the garage door opener and give them a better price especially those on a fixed income.