What is the best way to fix a dent on a garage door?

if you have a dent in your garage door then most likely you have a steel garage door. It’s really hard to put a dent and a wood garage door even though I can be done but it is not the same as a steel garage door. Steel garage doors come in three different layers from the manufacturer. The first is commonly called in the business a Pan door or a door with no insulation at all it is just a hollow panel with reinforcements showing there is no insulation whatsoever. These are the most common and most inexpensive doors on the market so it is most likely that you have one of these types of garage doors. The other type of garage door is a 2 layer which means it is a hollow pan door and it has Styrofoam insulation panels installed on the inside of the garage door.

Styrofoam insulation panels

The Styrofoam insulation panels that fit inside the door panels have a vinyl backing so it won’t will not look like Styrofoam but behind the vinyl sheet there is a Styrofoam insulation. The third kind of garage door is of three layer construction that means it has a steel front and foam or Styrofoam inside the panel and a steel backing on the inside of the garage door. A three layer garage door of this type is on the higher end of the price curve and is of the best insulation R-value that you can buy. The R-value on a garage door is the government rating for the amount of insulation that you have whether it is a garage door or a wall in your home. If you are interested in having a insulated garage door then the manufacturer will provide the R-value of their insulated garage doors. Okay now as far as having dent  in a steel garage door panel,  all of this information is going to be a factor. When it comes to the basic Pan door or non-insulated steel garage door then a dent is fairly easy to fix depending on how bad the dent is. If you have a non-insulated pan door then you just have to go inside your garage and close the garage door and try to push the dance out from the inside of your garage to try and put it back into place as well as you can.

semi-insulated garage door

Most of the time it is easy and will fix your problem but sometimes you may have creased the steel Sheetmetal on the panel and will not look like it was brand-new but it will not be as visible as before. If you have a vinyl back or semi-insulated garage door then the procedure is pretty much the same the only difference is you have to remove the Styrofoam insulation panel before you can push the dent outwards. The way you remove these insulation panels on most doors is to look for the long white plastic clip that holds the Styrofoam panel and there is usually only one on the left or right-hand side of the panel all you have to do is pull it out and then the Styrofoam panel will slide out. Once you have fixed the dent  then just put the Styrofoam panel back the way that you took it out.

three layer construction

Now if you have a garage door that has three layer construction then getting a Dent out is going to be a little bit more difficult because of course you cannot just push it out from the inside because the door has steel on the outside as well as on the inside and you cannot remove this inside steel backing on a garage door. If you have hit the door panel with a vehicle of some sort or the dent  is so bad that the panel is creased and bent to where it will not open and close properly then you will probably just have to replace the panel. If the dent is small kind of like what hail damage looks like on a car then you might be able to fix it the same way that they fix those kinds of dents on automobiles using Dry ice. A lot of these types of dent repair companies have a mobile service so you might want to call one and see if they can help you out that is as far as I know the only way to repair small dents in a three layer steal back garage door.