What is a garage door weather strip and where can buy it?

Some people call it weather strip others call it climate seal, or a weather seal. This seal can be found on the outside of your garage door nails or screws to the door jamb and a vinyl 1 inch flap that lays against the door panel and seals out any wind or rain from coming into the gap where is the door panels meet the wood door jamb. Wethersfield also helps when you live in windy areas because it keeps the door from being blown back and forth and making a lot of noise and letting in the outside elements. Weather seal is made entirely of vinyl and is very flexible for large doorways it comes in anywhere from 2 to 3 inch wide and always has a one inch vinyl flap. Lately I have noticed that they have started to sell this weather seal at retail hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot before it was not available at these retailers but now it is. They come in three basic colors white, almond and brown. I am pretty sure they only sell 8 or 9 foot pieces I do not think I have seen a 16 foot peace in the retail hardware stores the 8 foot pieces will usually seal an 8 foot wide garage door for a single garage door you would need 3-8 foot pieces one for the top and one for each side. 2 car garage with one big door then it is anywhere from 14 to 16 feet wide and I think you would probably have a hard time finding a weather strip at retail hardware stores that is that long so you might have to go to a local garage door company to get a 14 to 16 foot piece of weather strip. As for installing the weather strip there are a few things you must keep in mind one is that you will probably need some help so another set of hands would be greatly helpful.

install  and fit correctly

Is the placement of the weather strip on the doorjamb if it is too far in and rubs up against the garage door too much it can make your garage door malfunction when it open and close. Will first have to install the top piece of weather seal and you will have to measure the distance from door jamb to door jamb on left and right and try to get it as exact as you can because you do not want to have to take it down just so you can cut off a quarter inch or so to make it fit correctly this is where your extra set of hands will come in handy. A saw or a really good racer cut hair to cut the vinyl seal at your desired point.

use finish nails

You would use finish nails and that they be galvanized because if they are not galvanized be immediately start to rust and it looks like little rust spots up and down your seal were the nails are it’s not very pretty so try to stick with a galvanized finish nail. You should try to avoid using screws to attach the final seal to the doorjamb because when you the screw is screwing in it immediately heats up the vinyl and melts it and it doesn’t work very well at all. Are attaching the vinyl sealed to the door jam you should have the garage door closed all the way down and when you attach or put the seal up against the jam make sure that the 1 inch vinyl flap is sitting against the door panel but like before I said do not push it into far or it will make the door rub too hard against the vinyl seal when it closes and sometimes keeps the door from closing all the way. When you are Finished the door should open as easy as it would without a vinyl seal on the doorjamb. You cannot find a 16 foot piece of vinyl seal for a two car garage you can use two 8 foot pieces for the top seal but of course you will see a gap or a crease where the two meet in the middle so if that’s okay with you then it will still serve the same purpose but will not look as nice.