What are the most important places to lube when doing maintenance for the garage door?

Lack of lubrication can and will cause garage doors to become loud creeky and eventually make it harder to open. All moving parts should be lubed. When you lube a garage door you should go to hardware or Home Depot store and buy some door lube specifically for garage doors. Never use any heavy grease. It just collects dirt and doesn’t make door any quieter.

lubed Door Hinges

Here is a list of parts and areas of garage door that need to be lubed Door Hinges  (Hinges are found on the inside of door. they connect the sections together and allow door to bend. One piece or solid doors flip up instead roll up. Those hinges are found on left and right side of door with springs attached. these hinges are the only moving parts on a one piece door lube the whole hinge and spring.) Rollers ( Rollers are located on on left and right side of garage door and allow door to roll up and down inside the door track.) Torsion Springs ( Torsion springs are tubular and attached to torsion pole that runs along entire door and located above door opening or at the back of the door next to the opener if you have one. This will eliminate rumbling noise as door goes up and down.)

the vertical track

Track ( Garage door track allows door and rollers to open and close garage door. when door is in the up position the vertical track on left and right side of garage door are clear from door for proper lube. When door is in down position the horizontal track running ceiling or garage is free of door for proper lube.) Bearing Brackets ( Bearing brackets are located at the at the left and right sides of the torsion pole. The pole fits threw bearings  at either end of pole. Either above door opening or in the rear.) Again never use heavy grease to lube door parts i have seen homeowners use heavy grease and it just gets messy and can start to drip onto floor or in some cases onto the roof of a $100,000 Mercedes Benz. Also if you have a garage door opener that is a screw drive then you will need to properly lubricate the screw that turns inside of the rail because it will keep it quiet and will last a lot longer.