What are galvanized garage door springs?

Anytime a metal product is manufactured and is going to be open to elements like rain or snow etc.. It is galvanized. This process helps slow down the oxidation process or rusting.

Galvanized springs

Galvanized springs are made with nickel and do not rust. These springs are shiny metal just like a 5 cent nickel. They will dull over time and look like aluminum. Non Galvanized springs are painted black. Amd will rust a lot quicker and break before a galvanized spring will. Galvanized springs are rated with more cycles than non galvanized springs. (1 cycle = once up and once down.) The bigger and stronger the spring the more cycles it will have.

Some garage door companies I have worked for would offer a galvanized spring with a lifetime warranty. The springs last long enough where they can replace the springs for free.

types of warranties

Even though they last a bit  longer doesn’t mean they don’t break. These types of warranties just cover the cost of the spring not the labor to replace them. Any part of the garage door hardware or track is going to be galvanized or even sometimes powder coated  or either that or they are made out of aluminum. Eminem really does not rust and galvanized metal of course will rust over a long period of time but they at least last a good enough while unless you live in coastal areas where the salt air pretty much rusts  everything within five years. And some high-end carriage house garage doors will use powder coated hardware and track because it will last a little longer than regular galvanized hardware and track but in most cases the powder coating can rub off from moving parts still is a good protectant for people who live in coastal areas.

 lubricate garage door rollers

If you lubricate your garage door hardware rollers and track and basically all the moving parts at least twice a year then this also will help with the rusting oxidation of the galvanized steel on your garage door to give it a little bit more help from rusting.