What is the weight of a garage door?

The weight of a garage door is determined by 2 factors – The size of the door and the material that it is constructed with. A steel garage door will come in three ways single layer, double layer and three layer. Single layer door is called a pan door or non-insulated. Two layer construction is basically like a non insulated pan door but has Styrofoam insulation with a vinyl backing and are sometimes called vinyl back doors. Three layer construction consists of a steel front with insulation and steel backing and sometimes called steel back doors. Steel back doors come in 2 different thickness 1 ½ and 2 inch. All of these type garage doors come in .24 gauge and .25 gauge sheet metal. The .24 gauge will be the thicker of the two. These doors will range in weight from 200 to 350 lbs.

Wood garage doors

Garage doors constructed of wood will be the heaviest garage doors. Carriage style garage doors will usually be the heaviest among wood garage doors. Carriage style doors can be 3 inches thick of wood almost like a moving wall. Some carriage style doors can also be a combination of steel and wood overlay on the outside. These types of doors will weigh less than solid wood doors. As far as wood doors their weight can range from 300 to 1000 lbs. depending on the size of the door. Custom wood garage doors usually need extra hardware also and this will add to the weight as well.