Should I replace the garage door when only one panel is bent?

So if you have some kind of damage to your garage door panels from a door that has malfunctioned by jumping cables or coming out of the track and landing on the garage floor. Or maybe they have been run into by and automobile and is very badly damaged and dented Then fixing the panels or trying to bend them back into shape is nearly impossible it never works and the garage door will never function properly again. When the garage door panels cannot line up properly at this scene where the panels come together then they tend to make the door not open and close properly or you will hear a loud popping noise where  the panels meet. Most of the time you can get away with just replacing the damaged sections and this is only possible if you can find out who the manufacturer is To match up the door sections. There are some cases where you can use a different manufacturers garage door panels but the thing about that is the raised panels or squares on the outside of the garage doors might not look the same or line up the same when the door is fully closed.

use certain manufacturers for panels

If this is not a big deal to you then you can absolutely use certain manufacturers for panels to replace the ones that you have Bent. If you have to replace the whole garage door then ask the your garage door company if you can just replace the panels only this will only work if your track and hardware on the garage door are not bent and in good condition. There are certain manufacturers of garage doors that you will probably not be able to mix and match the garage door panels with. One is Amarr the other is overhead door brand and some Wayne Dalton model garage doors will be nearly impossible to mix and match panels you will have to get those panels from those manufacturers to replace. Manufacturers like Mid-America, Doorlink and Windsor brand garage doors are all pretty much interchangeable but like I said before, the raised square panels might not look exactly the same so keep that in mind