Is it possible to replace Hinges on a Clopay Door with Regular hinges?

Clopay brand garage doors mostly use regular garage door hinges but I do know that they did make some punchless garage door models that used a different hinge system and is quite different from the normal hinges that you would see on an average garage door. No matter what the brand of garage door that you have when it comes to replacing hinges you will have to replace the hinges that you have with the exact same ones so that the door will work properly.

Clopay garage doors use certain hinges

Clopay brand garage doors use hinges that are a lot thinner than other garage door hinges you will find so they tend to wear out a lot quicker and bend a lot easier. As far as I know Clopay used a different and system for their pinch proof garage doors I don’t think they make those types of garage doors anymore but people still have them and they need parts for them so you can find them on the Internet but when these hinges were specifically made for pinch proof because of the way that the panels are designed to move together without pinching your fingers.

pinch proof garage door

Clopay had a lot of problems with this pinch proof garage door so I’m pretty sure they don’t make them anymore I search their website for pinch proof and nothing came up so that would tell me that they have discontinued this product. If you have one of these Clopay pinch proof garage doors then I really don’t think you can use regular inches on them just because of the way they designed their hinges especially for that garage door they are engineered to move the door panels in a certain way when the door opens and closes so even if you could screw a regular garage door hinge on that type of garage Door I don’t think it would work properly just because of the way the pinchproof Hinges were engineered to open and close the garage door. You might even want to consider replacing your garage door if you have one of these pinch proof garage doors because of the problems that they had and you would probably do better with a new garage door then dealing with one of these types of garage doors. If you have a clopay brand garage door that has the common garage door hinges that you are used to seeing and I would probably replace them with a more sturdy hinges that is made of a thicker gauge sheet-metal than the ones that come from the factory.

new and better engineering!

All garage door manufacturers try to come out with new and better engineering for their doors sometimes it works really good and sometimes it doesn’t but a garage door engineering is not that difficult to understand and always seems that they always go back to what works best and that is what they’ve always had. Sometimes I wish garage door manufacturers would quit trying to make these new and improved hinge systems or panels for their garage door models because every time they do and I come across something new it’s up always broken and it’s not that old in it I just wish they would stick with what works and quit trying to make something better that does not need to be.