My garage door opener ripped out the top center style. How can I fix it?

This is a very common problem with garage doors and garage door openers anytime you have a garage door opener installed at your home. Most of the time when this problem occur is when someone tries to open a garage door when it is locked and the opener hauls the century style right out of the door panel or most of the time or just seriously bend it. Styles are engineered into the garage door panel for the purpose of vertical stability and also it is where the hinges are screwed. Manufacturers will either spot weld or use rivets, liquid nails or a industrial strength glue to fasten the styles into the garage door panels. The problem with trying to fix this issue by your self is finding the parts for the styles to replace. You can not find them in retail hardware stores you will only be able to find them through a garage door parts distributor or a local garage door company. If you can find a garage door company that will just sell you the styles you need.

garage door openers replacement instructions

I will instruct you on how to replace them it is pretty simple. After you have found the part that you need you first need to determine whether they are spot welded or riveted into place. There are two places where the style is either riveted or spot welded and that is at the top and bottom of the style if they are riveted then you will see the rivet heads they are around with a small circle in the middle and resemble a screw but does not have slots to unscrew. If they are spot welded into place then you will not see any rivet head you will just see to indentations where the spot welded there has attached to the metal they look like dimples.

how to attach a style to the garage door panel

There are two different ways you can attach a style to the garage door panel the first is with rivets if you know how to use a rivet gun then this would be the easiest way to go if you do not have or know how to use a rivet gun then the other way is with a nut and bolt preferably small enough to fit in that small area. In either way you choose to replace the style you will need a drill and drill bits. Also need to get some industrial strength glue from a hardware store like liquid nails or something comparable. The first thing you will need to do is to remove any hardware that was attached to the damaged style so you can use that hardware on the new style you will most likely not be able to we attach the style in the same holes that it was attached at the manufacturer you will have to move the style a quarter to a half inch to the left or right of the old holes once you have found a good spot to reattach the style you will need to drill new holes so you can either with it or both the new style in place before you both the style into place do not forget to put a bead of adhesive on the inside of the style where it touches  the inside of the door panel. Once the style is glued and bolted or riveted in place you should let the adhesive dry for a bit to make sure that it has stuck to the door panel once you are sure that it is dry then you should read attach bolt any hardware that was attached to the old damaged style. Be sure the strut and the bracket that attaches to the opener arm. Once everything is back in place where it should be then you should be able to attach the opener arm and began operating your garage door.