Is it recommended to replace the garage door hinges every few years?

Residential garage door hinges come in three different gauges 18 gauge 16 gauge and 14 gage. The 14 gage hinge will be the thickest and most durable hinge. Commercial garage door hinges will come in two different gauges and they are 13 gauge and 11 gauge with 11 gauge being the most durable. The garage door manufacturers engineer their own hinge systems and are usually totally different from conventional garage Door hinges. If you have one of the specialty hinges then you will need to try and identify the manufacturer of your garage door usually there will be a sticker with the company name on it that will tell you who made the door and then you will need to call a local garage door company and see if they have access to that manufacturers hinges. If you are using a 14 gage hinge on your garage door it is going to last a lot longer than an 18 gauge hinge because of the thickness of metal is constructed with. If you are using 18 gauge hinges then I would suggest you change them at least every five years or less if they start to bend and deteriorate.

14 gage garage door hinge

Now with a 14 gage garage door hinge they will last a lot longer so I would suggest maybe every 10 years you should change out these hinges but if they are not showing signs of wear then I would not worry about changing them. If you have a garage door constructed of wood then hinges on the wood garage doors will sometimes come loose because of the carriage bolts that hold the hinges in place will sometimes get loose because of the wood is old and is losing its strength From the elements. Also remember if you have a wood garage door most of the time homeowners will paint the inside of the garage door and sometimes there will be lots of coats of paint covering the whole inside of the door hinges the screws and bolts that holds the hinges in place. This makes it very difficult to replace the hinges just because of the paint buildup on the screws makes it very difficult to get the nuts off of the screws when they are so heavily coated with paint and will almost always spin the carriage bolt inside the wood which makes it nearly impossible to get the nut off so sometimes you have to cut the bolt and start over again. This can be very time-consuming And very frustrating to a garage door technician and most likely will charge you extra for this because of the extra work he has to do. So replacing your garage door hinges every 5 to 10 years should be sufficient enough.