I have a very old Raynor opener. The motor is running but nothing is moving. What should I do?

Raynor Garage Doors & openers is a company that has been in business since 1944 they have been around a long time and have been making residential garage door openers since the early eighties but of course they have been manufacturing garage doors since the late 40’s. If you have one of their late model garage door openers then this problem is pretty easy to fix if you want to fix it yourself you will just have to follow these basic instructions. These openers use a belt drive system internally in other words the motor has a belt that turns the gear and sprocket so when this happens the motor is running but nothing is moving then the belt has deteriorated and broken.

bolts at the top of the opener

The first thing you will have to do is remove the cover and you will first have to start by removing the light cover lens on the front of the opener and remove any light bulbs that may be there once you do this there will be 4 screws or bolts at the top of the opener that hold the cover on they are pretty visibly easy to find so once you remove the 4 bolts and the cover will slide right off now you will see a broken belt laying inside the opener remove the old belt and you will have to go to an auto parts store and get a 10 inch belt like you would for an automobile. They still make small bills like this you can find them it just may take a minute you might not find attached the first auto parts store that you go to so just be patient or call around before you start driving around looking for the part. Once you have found the belt that you need then there is only one thing you need to remember when installing the belt there are adjustments screws on the motor dead you can adjust the distance between the motor and the gear drive you will have to loosen these bolts and you will be able to slide the motor back and forth this is how you install the belt you want to slide the motor as close to be pulley that the belt goes around. Once the belt is around to both police and you would want to slide the motor away from the big bully in order to get good tension on the belt and then tighten down the adjustment bolt that you had to loosen and once this is done do not put the cover on right away first you should make sure everything is functioning properly first.