Are all the garage door openers using the same sensors?

There is no brand of garage door opener that uses the same sensors as another. If they do then they are both made by the same company even if they have different brand names on them. Opener manufacturers often make their openers for locally owned or big corporate garage door companies specifically for those companies even with their name and logos on them.

Genie and Liftmaster

These brand names have consistently made the same type of sensors since 1994 when sensors were made mandatory on all new manufactured openers for safety reasons. In fact an older model opener without sensors is not up to code and should be caught on home inspections. But it rarely is. Also manufactures by law cannot advise on any repair of older openers because of these building codes. If they do the run the risk of legal action if someone gets hurt. Some have stopped selling replacement parts for the older models so they will get replaced with new up to code units.


Garage Door Sensors – Liftmaster