Garage door cables are loose. What should i do?

Garage door cables are loose. What should i do?

Cables attach at the bottom brackets on the bottom corners of door and run up or up and back to the springs) When springs are under load the spring pulls cables to assist lifting the

door. This opens the door easily for opener or opening manually by hand.

cables may loose tension over time

When cables loose tension they will sag and this is most common with extension springs (Extension springs are found on sides of door or run along sides on top of track) assemblies where they have just been extended so long they stretch out and loose tension. Torsion springs (Torsion springs are tubular and attach to metal pole above door opening) are wound up and use shorter cables. If torsion spring cables loosen than the torsion spring has broken or cable drums(cable drums are in the upper right hand corners attached to same pole as springs and cable winds up on them as door opens.) have come loose or not tighten properly.

The best way to handle any cable issue is to not try to use door until you can get a professional to your home.

sometimes i see that garage door openers adjustments are off and will make extension cables sag, so it could be as simple as adjusting the the opener settings.

Anytime you have a problem with cables try to keep from hitting opener buttons or opening the door in any way because it just will cause more problems and get more expensive to fix. And never try to adjust springs or cables yourself. it is far too dangerous.


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