I have two extension springs on each side of my one piece garage door and only one spring is broken should I just replace the one or replace them all?

When you have the multiple springs on each side of your one piece garage door they will almost never break at the same time. If they are all the same age they will break in close proximity of time to each other. A do it yourself homeowner that has some experience replacing these extension springs will probably always have a few of these springs on hand and just replace them whenever they break. It is not uncommon for me to see never used springs laying in a corner of someone’s garage. If you have not lived in your home long enough to know how old your one piece door springs are than when a spring breaks you should probably replace them all just because if you have to call out a garage door technician to replace one broken spring it will cost more than if he just replaces them all at one time. And it doesn’t take long at all. I think the fastest time I have ever changed all four springs is about 10 minutes. If a door company comes to your home four different times that’s four service call charges that could add up to $500 and that not including the cost of the springs.

$200-$300 dollars to replace four springs

You should pay $200-$300 dollars to replace four springs. Price could vary if you have stronger than your normal 728c springs. The other option could add up to $500-$700 so you can see the difference. Anytime you have a broken spring on a garage door and don’t know how old the other spring is than just replace them all and save yourself more hassle. Door springs are not easy to find so if you cannot easily find them in Home Depot or Lowes sometimes also lumber yards will carry the springs in hinges for a wood one piece garage door so you might want to check at those types of places also. If those two options fail then there is always the Internet so that would probably be your last resort to find extension springs. And also if you are attempting to replace the springs by yourself then you should really check the Internet for information on how to safely do this or I know that YouTube is a really good source for this kind of information. Always remember that when a one-piece door is in the up position the springs are not fully loaded but sometimes can be slightly loaded so you should still be careful, and removing spring should always be done when the door is up always respect garage door springs no matter what kind are they and make sure you have the right information before you start to attempt to adjust or remove any screws or bolts that are attached to a spring system. I almost always will use safety goggles when dealing with garage door springs of any kind.