Can I use Liftmaster sensors for Linear garage door opener?

well I have had to do some research on this question and I have found nothing on the Internet or from talking to other people in the garage door business that I have worked with before and nobody that I can find thinks that you can use LiftMaster sensors with a Linear garage door opener. As far as LiftMaster brand garage door openers when it comes to those sensors that they use they are compatible only with garage door openers that are made by Chamberlain and that includes LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman brand garage door openers. I know for a fact that you cannot use LiftMaster sensors with Genie garage door openers and vice versa because of course I have tried and it does not work. Also as far as Genie brand garage door openers genie is owned by overhead door and the sensors on Genie and overhead garage door brand are interchangeable.

where to find replacement sensors for a linear garage door opener ?

I am pretty sure you could find brand-new replacement sensors for a linear garage door opener on the Internet with sites like eBay. They are pretty simple to replace you will just have to make sure when you cut the wires that you attached the new sensor wires to the right wiring most wires will have a black line or one of the white wires will have some writing or numbers on it and that will give You the positive or negative wires. Just have to make sure you Reconnect the wires properly or else they will not work. Also when it comes to garage door sensors no matter what the brand it is one sensor is a transmitter and the other sensor is a receiver. They all have different ways of labeling transmitter or receiver. On LiftMaster and Genie sensors you can tell whether it’s a transmitter or receiver because each sensor has a light and the lights are always different colors one will either be green and the other will be red or orange in color.

garage door Brand openers

Other garage door Brand openers will sometimes have a sticker or will have a R on the sensor for receiver or a at for transmitter. You must have one or the other you cannot use to transmitting sensors or two receiving sensors it just won’t work. So I guess the only way to know if LiftMaster sensors work on linear garage door openers is to actually attach LiftMaster sensors to a Linear opener and see if it works I’ve never tried it so I wouldn’t not have a confirmation.