Can a bent garage door be repaired?

if you have a dent in your garage door or the panels are bent then most likely you have a steel garage door. It’s really hard to put a dent or bend and a wood garage door even though I can be done but it is not the same as a steel garage door. Steel garage doors come in three different layers from the manufacturer. The first is commonly called in the business a Pan door or a door with no insulation at all it is just a hollow panel with reinforcements showing there is no insulation whatsoever.

Styrofoam insulation panels

These are the most common and most inexpensive doors on the market so it is most likely that you have one of these types of garage doors. The other type of garage door is a 2 layer which means it is a hollow pan door and it has Styrofoam insulation panels installed on the inside of the garage door. The Styrofoam insulation panels that fit inside the door panels have a vinyl backing so it won’t will not look like Styrofoam but behind the vinyl sheet there is a Styrofoam insulation. The third kind of garage door is of three layer construction that means it has a steel front and foam or Styrofoam inside the panel and a steel backing on the inside of the garage door.

three layer garage door

A three layer garage door of this type is on the higher end of the price curve and is of the best insulation R-value that you can buy. The R-value on a garage door is the government rating for the amount of insulation that you have whether it is a garage door or a wall in your home. If you are interested in having a insulated garage door then the manufacturer will provide the R-value of their insulated garage doors.