Is it better to have a garage door opener with a belt drive or a chain drive?

There are pros and cons with each kind of opener drive type. Here is the pros and cons I have learned over the years

Belt drive openers use a rubber steel belted notched belt that drives the opener up and down to operate door. Belt driven openers will typically have a longer warranty period on opener. They are quieter than chain openers. They will usually cost a little bit more than chain drives. As far as longevity on opener life it is usually the same as any other. The belts typically have a lifetime warranty so if it ever breaks the manufacturer will mail you a new one. I have also seen a belt openers belt notches skip the plastic gear that turns belt back and forth. This makes the opener have other issues internally and cause other parts to malfunction or break.

Chain drive openers

This kind of opener use a bicycle type chain to drive the opener op and down to operate garage door. Chain drive openers are very common they are usually the least expensive type of opener on the market. When you purchase an opener at hardware stores that are designed for do it yourself installation will sometimes have a chain that is made up of a half chain and the rest is a wire cable. these are less desirable because the cable part can deteriorate and snap. Where as an opener that has a full chain type does not ever snap or break apart. I have never seen a full chain type opener snap a chain, its almost impossible to do. Other parts on the opener will break before the chain does.

Most people choose a belt opener strictly because it is quieter than other types of opener.