My one piece Garage door rubs the side of my door jams when it is going up and down and it looks ugly because it is rubbing off the paint can that be fixed?

several reasons that one piece garage doors rub on the side of the door jamb. Could be that there is not enough of a gap on the left and right hand side of the garage door and the door jamb optimal spacing should be about an inch once you get less than an inch the door will tend to rock left and right when it is closing and that’s what creates the rub on the door jamb. There is sufficient space on the left and right hand side of the garage door then it can be the hinges that open and close the door sometimes they can get weak or they can deteriorate as they get older and they will be weaker and not enough strength to hold the weight of a wooden one piece garage door. In most cases it’s going to be the hinges especially  if they have a lot of wear and tear in age to them. Replacement of the hinges should solve this problem.

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