Why my garage door won’t go up?

Q: Why my garage door won’t go up?

A: Automatic garage door and manual garage door. (Automatic doors have a opener unit with a motor that opens or closes door automatically by remote or wall button. Manual garage doors don’t have opener motors and have to be opened and locked by hand.)

which part of door is malfunctioning the door or opener?

First make sure door is not locked then you have to figure out which part of door is malfunctioning the door or opener. if the problem is not obvious like parts all over garage floor than pull down on emergency release (emergency release: red handle and or red cord hanging about 1 to 2 feet long hanging down from opener.) If you don’t see any cords hanging down then you can find release by following the bar that attaches from door to the opener. Where the bar meets the opener there is a lever and it will have a hole where a cord should be looped into. Just pull that lever straight down to release. Now when door and opener are disengaged pull up on door to see if it will open easily with no problems. If door opens then you have a opener malfunction.

broken spring – the most common reason for doors to not open…

Most common reason for a garage door not going up is a broken spring. (springs are tubular and on a metal pole and are located above door or rear springs are located at back of door near opener or where an opener would be if you don’t have automatic door. Springs on either side of door are extension springs.) springs above door will have a 2 to 3 inch break or gap in spring. Springs on any side of door are extension springs and are very obvious when they break. Also storage items in garage can stop a door from opening properly.

If you follow these steps and you can get your door open remove any vehicles you will need until door opener is repaired.  Broken spring or obvious door issues needs a qualified technician to get door open.

is it the automatic opener?

Also i don’t know how many times i have showed up to a customers home and there automatic opener is plugged into an outlet that is controlled by a light switch on a wall somewhere and someone flipped off switch and didn’t even know that they had a switch for that outlet. Always check the obvious first.

The best thing to do if you can’t open your door manually is to call a technician asap and not attempt to take a tool to the door you will either get injured or make problem more expensive.

Openers making loud popping or grinding need repair.