How can I fix a bent section or panel on my garage door?

Four or more long panels screw together with hinges to make a sectional overhead garage door.

Garage Door bent top section

Metal Steel Back Garage Door

Some doors are made with metal and some with wood. Some doors can be constructed with both. Metal inside and decorative wood on outside of door.

Broken Wood Garage Door Section

Bent sections in garage door panel

Bent sections can be caused by a car hitting door, Or the door has had a malfunction and door got twisted somehow. Also if a door is locked or has broken springs and door opener is activated, then it can in most cases damage top section.

In most cases a section that has minor bend or damage can be repaired by adding a strut. (Strut: struts are metal reinforcements that attaches at left side of door to right hand side.)

But heavily damaged or bent sections will most likely need to be replaced. Wood doors are almost impossible to repair damage and are very costly.

Bent Garage Door aluminum Sections

how to repair damaged wood sections


Every time I have tried to repair damaged wood sections it almost never helps. Metal door sections can be repaired most of the time with a strut. But if the damage is too extensive the door almost never closes properly. I have even refused to try and repair a damaged section because i knew i would have to go back to homeowners garage most of the time customer would not be very happy.

Small dents and minor bends in sections can most of the time be repaired but any major damage that affects how the garage door opens or closes than just replace whatever is sections that are damaged. This will ensure years of a properly functioning garage door.